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LMH Consulting has an extensive array of writing skills and have assisted a diverse range of clients with writing services. We understand the different writing styles required for different work, industry and social environments and have prepared reports, speeches, letters, strategic plans, grant submissions and media releases appropriate to these environments.

We have been writing for a range of government, private, business and not-for-profit organisations for over 20 years.

We also offer editing and proof-reading services to ensure your document, report or submission communicates key messages clearly and is well tailored to its audience or reader.

Our writing services include:  


Grant application writing
To be competitive when applying to any grant or funding program you must ensure that submissions pay particular attention to the detail of funding or grant guidelines. You must also ensure your submissions are concise and clearly display how your proposal addresses the aims of the funding program.

We can manage the research of information relevant to your proposal, the writing of your proposal or we can review and edit the proposal you have prepared.

Who might use our policy writing skills and services – local government, state government, business, sporting clubs, arts organisations, philanthropic trusts, not-for profit organisations, service clubs.


Presentation Writing and Speech Writing
Making a speech or giving a presentation needs to be an effective balance of providing the facts or the information and creating a story through which the audience can connect with the presentation and you the speaker.

We know how important it is for you to feel comfortable and relaxed with what you are saying and how you are saying it. If you don’t have the time to prepare your speech or presentation or require creative input then we can assist you.

Who might use our presentation writing and speech writing skills and services – CEOs or presidents of organisations making presentations, individuals preparing speeches for private functions, business.


Media Releases and Editorials
When writing media releases or editorials it is important that you convey your message so that it is easily understood by the reader and satisfies the requirements of the publication you are writing for.

We can assist you research and write your media release or magazine or newspaper article or we assist by proof-reading and editing your articles.

Who might use our media and editorial writing skills and services – business, community organisations, CEOs or managers of organisations, local government.


Policy Writing
Policy writing often requires a specific style of writing that responds to the needs of the organisation or the type of industry sector in which you operate.

You may require the writing of policy so that you comply with legislative obligations or to ensure you clearly communicate to your employees, members or customers your procedural requirements.

We can assist you to research and write your policies or we can provide a framework and guide you so you can write your own policies.

Who might use our policy writing skills and services – local government, state government, business operators, sporting clubs, not-for profit organisations.


Report writing
Report writing requires information to be concise so the reader can quickly grasp the information you need to communicate. If you require your reader to make a decision as a result of your report then this must also be clear to the reader.

We recognise that different styles of report writing are often required and can work with you to ensure your report is tailored to your needs. We can assist you to write your reports or we can proof-read or edit reports you have written.

Who might use our report writing and skills and services – CEOs or managers, local government, state government, business, service organisations, trusts and committees.


Proposal Writing – tender submissions, project proposals
Writing a proposal requires you to concisely communicate ideas and concepts so the reader quickly grasps the meaning of your proposal for them. They must also clearly establish outcomes and benefits that address the readers requirements.

Whether you are preparing a submission, a tender proposal or a project proposal we can assist you to prepare your document. Alternatively we can proof-read or edit proposals you have written.

Who might use our proposal writing skills and services – business, community organisations, CEOs or managers of organisations, local government.


Business Plans
Business Plans should be documents that provide your business with an operating ‘road map’ that assists you to effectively grow and manage your business. An effective business plan should assist you in attracting new business and resources.

We can help you to prepare your business plan by working with you and your team to clearly articulate what you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve it. Alternatively we can work with you to review your current business plan.

Who might use our business planning skills and services – business, community organisations, CEOs or managers of organisations, local government.


Writing of website content
The writing of information for your website is a challenging task and often the reason we procrastinate with completing our web site. It is a skill to formulate the message or messages you want to send, and to do it in a way that provides enough information to hold the reader.

We understand about ‘key words’ and can work with you and you web site designer to prepare the content for your website. Alternatively, you can use our web site developer to ensure a seamless process in creating your web site and preparing your website material.


Editing and proof reading
We understand that after having written a document you often overlook simple errors and misunderstandings on reviewing the document.

We can assist with the proof reading of documents and make recommendations that will improve understanding by your readers and readability.

Who might use our editing and proof-reading skills and services – business, CEOs or managers of organisations, local government.

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