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Our play space planning work has a primary focus on:

  • preparing play space planning frameworks that underpin the planning and development of play spaces – the what, the where, the why... or why not
  • preparing development plans including renewal and upgrade life cycle cost plans
  • play spaces in small communities
  • landscape design that incorporates natural play areas, and builds in scope for community and council partnerships.

For many years we have been assisting councils develop their play space planning framework and management plans

A few of our play space planning projects:

Other play space projects members of the team have been involved in:

  • City of Whitehorse Regional Play Space Feasibility Study
  • City of Albury Play Space Strategy
  • City of Hume Play Space Development Plan (Current)
  • City of Manningham, Wombat Bend Accessible Play Space Development 
  • City of Manningham, Play Space Strategy 
  • Shire of Corrangamite - Camperdown Apex Park Play Space Upgrade (3 stages)
  • Shire of Melton - Archer Drive Reserve Upgrade
  • Shire of Macedon - Riddells Creek Lions Memorial Park Upgrade – Concept and costings
  • Shire of Mount Alexander - Taradale Mineral Springs Reserve Playground Upgrade (current)
  • Parkwood Green Pre-school outdoor area upgrade

A play space planning framework provides a clear understanding of the type and range of facilities and features (e.g. play equipment, natural play settings), and amenities (e.g. seating, toilets) council will consider for different categories of play space (e.g. local, township, regional).

A play space planning framework also helps the community understand why council provides play spaces in the way it does. The planning framework lets the community know there is a sound rationale for the way council plans and manages play spaces.

A play space development or management plan allows council to determine the real cost of maintaining and renewing play spaces over time. Councils can then make informed decisions about the best way to achieve their desired play outcomes, and at the same time understand the financial implications.

More recently our team began collaborating with Kris Galea from KLG Landscape Architects. Kris has an innate ability to convert play space concepts into practical designs that are particularly relevant to smaller play spaces and play spaces in rural communities. Kris understands the recreation as well as the health and wellbeing outcomes we want to achieve for children through play.

Our team’s philosophy about planning and design of play spaces…

  • keep strategic planning for play spaces concise and practical so the message and aspirations are clear
  • get the high level planning framework and service levels in place – then we are all heading in the same direction
  • it doesn’t have to be big and brassy to be ‘you beaut’
  • Watch the kids and act on it! – they will tell us what are the important building blocks of a great play space
  • consider the needs of carers
  • good landscape design will optimise space for play and associated social areas not determine them
  • budgets for maintenance, renewal, and upgrade – we need to fully understand the financial requirements.

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