LMH COnsulting Group

Other Areas

Because of our ability to quickly understand the needs of our clients and the way they operate we are frequently engaged to undertake a diverse range of projects and tasks across different service areas.

We have worked with corporate services, community development, local laws and family services to prepare strategic plans, policy documents, facilitate project planning sessions or provide a project management role.

Our ability to scope a project, identify stakeholders, extract key information and formulate clear, concise and practical documents is appreciated by our clients.

The following provides an overview of the scope of work we have completed for different service areas across councils.

  • Youth Strategy (Ballarat City Council)
  • Children’s Strategy (Brimbank City Council)
  • Domestic Animal Management Plan (Melbourne City Council)
  • Preparation of position descriptions (Brimbank City Council)
  • Preparation of project briefs (Mildura Rural City Council / Bayside City Council)
  • Council Plan planning sessions (Wellington Shire Council)


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